I'm a Danish Interior Designer (well, studying to be..) living in Italy. I have the study version of ArchiCad 9, I bought it because of my beloved mac. BUT -even though I master several computer programs from my old life as an art director (e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, photoshop) I find this one really difficult and diverse.
So I decided I need a fool-proof guide, real basic stuff. (the little guide that comes with the CD supposes that you already know how to draw a room - which is not the case!!) I'm NOT an architect, my need is to make Interior Design come to live for the client... So my questions are these: 1) Can anybody recommend a really good guide (in either Danish, English or Italian) 2) can anybody tell me if the stydy version is very limited compared to the full (meaning, if I buy a guide, is there a risk that basic tools it mentions are missing from the program I have, or is it usually the more complicated features they leave out?) 3) Is there a real life Interior Designer out there who can confirm that this is actually the program to have and use (on mac, I recall you) -or are there better alternatives, before I start getting to know this animal... 4) Bonus question - how should I save an archiCad file to make it possible for an autoCad user to open and correct my file?

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