Let me preface this by saying that I will be contacting whomever I need to, I just thought I'd get some initial, impartial, thoughts before I do anything. To summarize, I have a deeded easement on a non-buildable parcel of land directly in front of my home. The easement is the right to pass through the land to have access to the ocean. When we bought this home a year ago, we made an unsolicited offer to purchase that land outright. The land is very small, and is basically abandoned, essentially used as a dumping ground. Our lowball offer was laughed at, and we've just been waiting things out. Yesterday we received a certified letter from the Massachusetts Land Court stating that the town has presented a tax lien complaint against the owner of the land, and that we are being notified as a "party who may have an interest in the proceeding". (I assume because of the deeded easement) Can anyone explain in non-legal jargon what is happening, and how this could possibly play out? My initial instinct is to go back to the owner of the land and try again to buy the land, now that we all know things aren't so peachy on his end. What happens to the land should he refuse to sell it to me, and refuse to pay the taxes? Does the town then own the land? No matter what happens, our easement never goes away, correct? Thoughts?

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