I made the mistake of hiring a completely incompetent real estate agent who also happen to be very lazy and unresponsive. I found a house that I liked and unfortunately made the mistake of asking him to contact the listing agent. So once he showed up with us to see the house and we loved it and made an offer, he played his way into part of the commission. Now, however, we discovered that this is a short sale and the process is going to be long, arduous, intensive, and uncertain. The agent that we have is completely clueless about not only the short sale, but everything about the property itself. He also makes no effort...not even responding to my calls and emails for days at a time (at a time when I'm eager to get a contract to preclude further showings). Recently, I found another agent who is smart, responsive, diligent, and works fast. I so want to fire the original agent to hire her, but she says that he will likely sue to get his commission, despite not signing a contract, since he could argue that the sale would not have happened without him. Is that really the case? Can I seriously not fire such an incompetent and unmotivated agent without the legal process? I mean I understand why the law is the way it is - to protect innocent agents. But this guy is just a completely useless, if not detrimental (I will spare you the details of his incompetence) to the closing. We have absolutely zero confidence of him being able to guide us through the closing process, even with an experienced attorney. We are seriously considering withdrawing our offer. Is there a way to get rid of him without losing the house? Trust me. He doesn't deserve a penny.

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