Been laid off about two months now (IT) and not getting many bites. Since I wanted a career change anyway (just not at this moment) and any IT jobs may mean a pay cut anyway I was thinking why not switch now? I'd been thinking about getting into carpentry, home repair, construction or other related work. But before now I hadn't looked into ways to get into this line of work. I'd have to basically start from scratch and learn from the ground up. I had figured I would look into it in a few years when I was ready to make a change and if I were still interested in going that direction.
Well... change of some kind is being pushed on me a few years early. So I'm wondering what suggestions people might have for self education, types of employment that allow on-the-job training. With IT, I pretty much learned on-the-job and I'm hoping I can do the same kind of thing here. I don't expect to be making the kind of money I had been making up to this point, which is one of the reasons I figure "why not".

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.